Welcome to Full Length Mississippi!

After walking around Lake Superior, Kate Crowley and Mike Link wanted to continue to explore and bring attention to freshwater. Their new emphasis is on The Great River – the Mississippi. In 2014, Kate and Mike will bike the length of the Mississippi River! Following spring and fall, they will note the migrations, visit with schools, talk to people along the river, document their observations, and continue to leave a legacy of personal and planet health, freshwater, and natural places for all grandchildren and those still to come.

This is an example of the joy that we bring to our efforts to inspire others to act on their values and do something inspiring and proactive for themselves, their friends, and their family, if not the world.

Part one of the journey: first impressions, driving the full length and back in 2012. Part two comes in 2013, boating the upper Mississippi from the source. And part three – following the annual migration – they will be biking the length from the gulf in the spring of 2014.

Because this is an expedition with a purpose they will do more than travel south and north, they will record their adventure to inspire others to follow their dreams. As grandparents in their mid to late sixties they will emphasize health through exercise and outdoor experiences for all generations and health for the planet through observation and commitment. They are continuing to work for the environment and are speaking for Freshwater through their actions. In addition, they hope to affect the way that Baby Boomers see their lives in their senior years. This is about the health of people and the planet and leaving a legacy for the future.

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